Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver & Matthew Broderick’s Film ‘The Tale

of Despereaux: Chinada’s Complicit & Loyal are Rats, Servicing the

Custodian Chief Executive’s International Persona and

the Historic Nature of Quantum 

© 2009 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


There’s ‘clever’ and there’s ‘Geo Award uber-genius’.  This December ’08 released CGI film in the classic fairy tale genre is not only exceptionally entertaining and morality saturated for the young audience it was produced for, but also was scripted to include what’s itemized in the supplemental title.  



Sigourney joined the coalition in June 2006; Dustin and Matthew five months later.  Thus there was no doubt this pushing-the-CGI-creativity-envelop masterpiece would be not just geo-politicized, but heavily so.   The extent it was matches anything created by the most tenaciously resolved partners since the full-court-press diplomacy began.




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Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Dor, there was magic in the air, raucous laughter aplenty and gallons of mouth-watering soup. But a terrible accident left the king broken-hearted, the princess filled with longing and the townsfolk despondent. All hope was lost in a land where sunlight disappeared and the world became dreary gray. Until Despereaux Tilling was born...


A brave and virtuous mouse, Despereaux is simply too big for his small world. Though tiny, wheezy and saddled with comically oversized ears, Despereaux refuses to live a life of weakness and fear...believing he was destined to be celebrated in the tales of chivalry he so adores. When he's banished from his home for not following the rules that society expects of a mouse, Despereaux befriends fellow outcast Roscuro, a good-hearted rat who can't bear to look in the mirror and hopes to live far from the grim underground of his kind.


While Despereaux begins his noble quest to rescue Pea – a princess who can't see beyond her distorted view of the world – his pal Roscuro receives a painful rejection from her highness that sets him on a course of self-destruction.


Along their parallel adventures, the two encounter colorful characters from a serving girl who wishes to be a princess to the evil leader of the sewer rats, who plots revenge on humans from his fiefdom in the subterranean shadows he relishes but Roscuro can't abide. From the highest turrets of the glittering castle to the dankest dark of Dor's sewers, friendships will be tested as Despereaux and Roscuro embark upon a journey that will change the way they look at their world – and themselves – forever.


In this tale of bravery, forgiveness and redemption, one tiny creature will teach a kingdom that it takes only a little light to show that what you look like doesn't equal what you are.



The film is narrated throughout and it begins with:


Once upon a time there was a brave little mouse who loved honor and justice and always told the truth.  


[camera pans from seal down merchant ship mast to deck; a sailor in prison certainty; then across to rear and trains onto a quantum-attired rodent; it has its back to camera and executes an Eva Maneuver]


That’s a rat [Execution M.] And anyone who knows anything knows there’s a big difference between a mouse and a rat.  First of all, rats hate the light. They spend their lives in the darkness [Z-J M.].  They’re also [Pacino M.] terrified of people.  That’s why they slink and cower all the time.  



Producers introduce two regular geo-themes and two articulated once before: one by several coalition partners* and one in the Fiefdom treatise**.  There’s the certainty of prison, the Custodian Chief’s quantum entitlement and the diplomatically coercive threat of lethal consequences.  


*     John Lasseter’s ‘Ratatouille’: A Disney-PIXAR Film Underscoring The Coalition’s Description of Chinada Principals, Alberta and the RCMP as “Rats” 

**  “Shining a Spotlight” on the Last Democratic Fiefdom, ’60 Minutes’ Did Mike Wallace Re-Tape a 2004 Segment to Deliver a ‘You’re Addicted to Power, Wealth and the Political Spotlight’ Message to Canada’s Three Sub-Factions, Victoria Beckham: The Blinding Transparency Spotlight Shining Right at Canada’s So-Called Invincible, Insulated and Immune, Former Russian President Putin Monopolizes for the Coalition the NATO Summit’s Geo-Spotlight



Critical to a healthy democracy is transparency.  The metaphor of the “spotlight of transparency” refers to a society’s mechanisms to make available for critical analysis what government officials do in the name of those who elected and represent them.   The term was recently defined as followed:


There are three kinds of transparency: opaque transparency, semi-transparent transparency, and transparent transparency. The opaque version is simply pretense at true participatory democracy; the semi- transparent kind creates the illusion of transparency; and then there is the genuine article.


Source: Sunlight Foundation, Local Spotlight: The Importance of Being Transparency, by Nisha Thompson on 2009  


At its core Canada’s governance paradigm is “semi-transparent”.  Over the generations the operators of the Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal triangle of power and wealth cleverly manufactured a façade of democratic respectability, leading the citizenry to believe they are privy to all the fundamental constituents of governance; when in fact behind that fake image is a militarized totalitarian regime in which there’s brazen corruption, criminality, human rights abuses and a historic violation of international law that moved the international community to a galvanized defense posture. 


The film audience soon learns that all the classes in the kingdom of Dor are captivated by soup.   It’s the author’s metaphor for what American represents – the luminosity of democracy.  The obsession with the culinary delight leads the citizenry to assemble at the foot of the castle annually for the ceremony of presenting that year’s soup creation by the country’s head chef. 


Everyone knew that Chef André was a genius. They got reminded of it the first Sunday of every spring. At exactly 12 noon, he would unveil that year’s Royal creation.  […]  They would jam the town square.  As the aroma began to build so did their anticipation.  [rat on sailor’s shoulder walking through crowd: rat: Brooke M.] 


The scene involves a multitude of assistant cooks receiving the produce delivered by the citizens and adding them to the mammoth cauldron. 




At “reminded of it” there is a close-up of a hydraulic lift raising a collection of red tomatoes and yellow potatoes to the pot rim.  The colors of China are chosen to repeat the coalition’s multi-year message that capitulation carries consequences.


The Brooke Maneuver red flagged the anticipation that’s been building within the coalition membership for major developments.  And they came in 2009 with the Custodian Chief’s election, followed by the announcement that coalition leaders were arranging a $1 trillion trust fund (1, 2) and his invitation to the White House (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 X3, 6 X3, 7, 8).


At the Royal soup tasting the rat, Roscuro, who has secretly crashed the ceremony, gets careless and falls into the Queen’s soup.  A close-up of the bowl reveals five floating vegetables.  One is red and the other yellow = China.  Here was the first linkage of China’s liability exposure to the Custodian Chief’s coalition-ratified damages.  


As the film progressed it became more than obvious that much of the wardrobes worn by the principal characters were rendered in the color of quantum.  It created a non-stop reminder what one of the primacy geo-purposes of the film was.  The rendering of the protagonist, Despereaux, is Chinada and quantum:




The Queen didn’t see that something fell into her soup, but alerted everyone in the dining hall she noticed something odd in the bowl:


Queen:            It moved.  

Chef:               No [O-S M.] It isn’t – it did not move. 

                        [rat stands up in the bowl] 


The use of the lexicon is to confirm that the intransigence of Canada’s political and corporate leaders and other Chinada principals – their refusal to budge on the primary demands of standing down the global hegemony motivated military posture, Canadian reform, accountability and demilitarization, halting enslaving human experimentation and surrendering stealth cognition technology assets, has been noted; leaving the partnership with no alternative but to employ most aggressive pre-emptive methods.


The Queen faints and her head falls into the soup.  She drowns, leading the King to be wrought with so much grief that he issues a kingdom-wide edict.  It is read by the Town Cryer:


From this moment on soup – the making of soup, the selling of soup or the eating of soup, is hereby outlawed in the Kingdom of Dor.  


There are three examples in the edict.  The next clip is of a dog whose bowl is taken away.  The lexicon’s Kidmanesque symbol is white with three spots.  Translation: Canada’s paradigm of threatening militarized totalitarianism is in violation of the constitution and domestic and international law; in particular The Security of Information Act and the United Nations’ Charter.  All policies, decisions and actions in furtherance of this non-transparent constituent of governance and the economy attract prosecution, conviction, sentence and punishment.


Without soup the Kingdom becomes a very dark and despondent place.  The sun stops shining, the crops stop growing in abundance, the town square and market are empty and the castle’s residents are in protracted mourning.  The chef no longer has a job and falls to chronic boredom.  The audience observes him sitting at the kitchen’s table spinning a coin. 




He does so five times to the voiceover:


(1, 2) Okay, remember when we told you (3) about “once upon a time there was this brave little mouse”?  Well, (4) if you know anything about fairy tales you know (5) that a hero doesn’t appear until the world really needs one.


The coin is spun a third time to articulate that it is coalition partners who have filled the diplomatic record with their assertions that the hero is the Canadian lawyer, who forged ahead despite dangers advancing their agenda.  This is where producers begin to service the Custodian Chief’s international persona*. He’s portrayed as someone who rises to the challenges of the early 21st century and sets an example of courage, bravery and honor that rallies everyone who is oppressed by the circumstances that befell them.  


* 1234, 5, 6789, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


The coin falls off the table and rolls across the quantum and white colored floor, into a mouse hole and enters what the producers label “Mouseworld” – a colony of mice in which the protagonist is about to be born.  The family collectively peer over the crib to observe the fact Despereaux has enormously large ears. 




When he gets older his personality is not like that of any other mouse in the colony.  Mice are supposed to be timid by nature; they’re supposed to “cower” from that which is perilous.  However, he won’t have any of that.  For example, he is shown to be a daredevil when it comes to mouse traps.  He and his three friends are drawn by the cheese in the deadly contraption; and only he is willing to chance fate; and he does so successfully.  This and other antics procure a reputation that has his family and teacher worried.


[clip: returning to the colony after foiling the mouse trap.  He stumbles and falls; picks himself off and then executes a double-handed Becky M.]


Despereaux had no idea he was small.  He was small just in human terms.  He was small even for a mouse.  But to tell you the truth, he didn’t even notice.  In fact in his own mind Despereaux was a giant [dbl-h B.M.].   


The coalition’s estimation of the Custodian Chief’s self-image was that he never perceived himself as a David amongst two Goliaths.  He believed that because of the nefariously bizarre and extraordinarily lengthy malfeasance he experienced, and the pain, injury, suffering and loss it delivered, his cause was just and thus he had a moral high ground that made him an enormous figure in the civilized world – one that could generate fundamental change to Canada’s status quo.  He viewed his academic and professional education as providing powerful skills and resources and his nemeses as intellectually and ethically infinitesimal; and thus it wouldn’t take much to halt their systemic atrocities, hold them to account and address the dysfunctionalities.   But, of course, his efficacy in achieving these goals was only because at all times he had the original American and subsequent international members of the coalition.  


Father and mother mouse instruct Despereaux’s brother to teach him about what all mice must by nature do: cower.  The two wander the castle and end up in the library.  On the great archway is a large segment of a saying: “fortuna iuvat ~ consilio et an[imus] …”; which is Greek for “favors the brave ~ wisdom and courage”.  Producers cut off the adage by one word. What is missing is “audaces” – “fortune”.  


The protagonist discovers an open book, which he begins to read.  He is enthralled by its fairy tale content.  His brother, not so much.




As the “behind the scenes’ bonus feature indicates, producers sought to reproduce much of medieval European castle architecture. The design of the lead window skeletons of the day is of the chain link fence variety.  They found this a useful way to embed the prison certainty communiqué and use their appearance as red flags for the generation of other messages and themes. Scenes in the Princess’ bedroom prominently display these windows. 




Despereaux and his brother get separated; and the former wanders into her bedroom and introduces himself to Her Highness.  As the camera pans into her through the pane and where the chain link fence pattern becomes evermore in-your-face, he responds to her request that she tell him what the book reveals.  It becomes evident the overview was crafted to contain parallels with the Custodian Chief’s experiences:  


Despereaux:   The story said she was a prisoner. 


Princess:         Will you promise to finish your story and tell me how it ends?

Despereaux:   Yes it will be my quest.

Princess:         Your quest?  You are a very brave mouse [Anderson M.; Cl.M.]  Thank-you my good gentleman.





Producers underscore the theme related to the Custodian Chief’s courage of taking on two militarized totalitarian governments and convey their appreciation for his efforts and the risks he undertook even though they were not voluntarily assumed*. 

* Unlike Gandhi & Mandela, the Custodian Chief is Not a ‘Volenti Democracy Martyr’


A sub-plot involves a farmer’s daughter who gets hired to be the Princess’ maid.  The unattractive, overweight serf is introduced when she’s in Her Highness’ employ.  But a flashback provides the factual context for a future reunion with a family member.   Her bleak and desperate living conditions – as they were during medieval times for most of a country’s population – become parallels of the abject poverty and deprivations two governments imposed on the Custodian Chief.  The geo-subject is introduced thusly: 


Princess:         Will you promise to finish your story and tell me how it ends? 

Despereaux:   Yes it will be my quest.

Voiceover:       And when things got really bad around the farm she could see the moment that she would [60 MM] finally be delivered from all of this.  

Miggery Sow:  Not long now. I promise you that.

[moves off screen; dad and castle employee bargaining for produce] 

Employee:       Twenty for the big [pigs]. Fifteen for the sow and 12 for the girl.

Farmer:           Fifteen for the girl; same as the sow. 

[close-up of Miggery: her and five pigs in cart being taken away]

Miggery:           I told you – I told you I’d make it to the castle.

Voiceover:       So sometimes it doesn’t take much for your dreams to come true. 



Here’s a clever embed of the numbers constituent of the lexicon beyond the 20 that identifies two decades of enslaving human experimentation and torture and a coalition identifier.  The two fifteens equal 30 or the digits add up to 12.  In both instances it’s a coalition identifier.  The point of it all is to underscore the Custodian Chief’s emancipation for a hell that shocked the conscience of the international community is coming to a conclusion and part of that new life includes his historic damages.  


The producers knew the last sentence of this scene’s script wasn’t applicable; cognizant of what it took and what more it would take for the Custodian Chief’s dreams to come true. 


Despereaux is confronted by three members of the Mouseworld Council as he’s reading the library book.  The Mayor’s first query could have been worded to more appropriately ask for what period of time he’s been reading it; instead it was crafted in the same way one would ask someone like the Fiefdom treatise author: 


Mayor:             Despereaux Tilling, how long have you been working on this book?  A week?  You hardly cracked it. 

Despereaux:   Well, I was – I just wanted to see how it ends. 

[next scene he’s paraded before the citizenry to the mouse court; the bell tolls three times; the Mayor is Chief Judge, who scolds him] 

Mayor:             [You’ve] refused training as a mouse; refused to accept the will and guidance of elder mice; repeatedly engaged in bold and un[wise] behavior; and you’ve triggered not less than 17 mouse traps.  And personal contact with…with…with a human being.

[gallery gasps; mom and dad are watching from an adjacent room]

Mom:               Isn’t there something you can do? 

Dad:                Antoinette, stop right now. Stop that.  You have to trust them. They are the Council.  They’re the Council because … because they’re the Council – the Council.  

                        [Court sentences him for his crimes and improprieties]




Judge:             Is there anything you wish to say in your defense? 

Despereaux:   Well, it was a very good story. [Judge: Staul M.] And she was a very beautiful princess.

Judge:             Despereaux Tiller, our laws are here to protect [gallery mouse: 60 MM] us and our way of life.  And when one [mouse: 60 MM] citizen strays from that way of life he becomes a threat to us all.  It’s an easy question [fellow judge: Faith M.] Are you a man or are you a mouse?

                        And your actions have told us you have a great deal of trouble being a mouse.  It is the judgment of this Court that you shall be banished from these walls forever.  You shall be remanded into the custody of Obis*, the thread-master who will prepare you for your descent into the dungeons of Dor form which no mouse and no light has ever escaped.   



On behalf of the entire coalition membership producers articulate that the Custodian Chief’s “story” is a crucial one because it paradigmatic of what the Chinada threat represents; where the relative few break laws like The Security of Information Act and United Nations Charter, they put the entirety of civilization at risk.   Failing to stand down what the coalition objects to necessitates they be “banished”; in the modern context imprisoned, or renditioned, for life.  


Choosing the name “Antoinette” was intentional as was when it was scripted – as Despereaux is being tried for his crimes against ‘mouse-hood’.  Coalition partners have drawn parallels with the French Revolution and the purge of the aristocracy with covert regime change in Canada.   



During the Reign of Terror at the height of the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette's husband was deposed and the royal family was imprisoned. She was tried, convicted of treason and executed by guillotine on 16 October 1793.



Uber-Genius Aaron Sorkin: Scripting the Guillotine Symbolizes Just How

Widespread the Eco-Political Purge and How Unforgivingly Serious

Accountability is Going to Be in Canada

© 2007 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor

On October 26, 2006, then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld employed a guillotine metaphor that was relevant to the Canadian purge and punishment dynamic.  Aaron was then asked to reintroduce that metaphor into the geo-political discourse; and he enthusiastically did so; not only scripting one but also graphically portraying its use during the February 19, 2007 episode. 

[To read the entire treatise chapter click HERE and scroll down] 


In the chapter Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: History is About to Repeat Itself in the Last Democratic Fiefdom the following was stated: 

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made use of a word that has both a chilling effect on the mind and a rich and profound historical context.  The guillotine conjures up a fear that other forms of death do not.  Those who were led to this machine of mass death in pre-modern times had plenty of time to contemplate their fate and the reasons for their sentence while languishing in prison.  And the sensations people must have had knowing death was both imminent and inescapable could not have but generated a deep sense of sickening dread.


If it was the intention of this resolute and committed coalition partner to identify this historical period for Triple “E” purposes, he was most certainly directing the minds of the malfeasant at the imminent and inescapable fate that awaits them in the same fashion the French aristocracy knew what was coming after the night the Bastille was stormed.  


he parallels are extraordinary.  As in late 18th century France, Canada’s two indigenous sub-factions have trans-generationally perpetuated an oppressive tyranny akin to an absolute monarchy.  They overtaxed, deprived people of basic rights, left millions to live in poverty and manipulated the nation and its finances for their sole benefit.  


It’s been estimated that from 15,000 to 40,000 were executed and over a hundred thousand were detained as suspects. 




The Guillotine Makes Another Appearance: Another

Coalition Partner Embraces the Death Penalty

© 2007 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


First it was former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.  Then it was Aaron Sorkin.  Now it’s Donny Deutsche.  During his August 9, 2007 broadcast of ‘The Big Idea’, he interviewed a carpenter cum millionaire for his bagel cutting device.  


The Bagel Guillotine would have been just that – another clever kitchen tool.  But not only did producers attire the inventor in prison certainty (justice); also at the conclusion of the segment Donny executed an Olmert-Spielberg Maneuver.  The two were sufficient to conclude that at minimum Donny and at maximum CNBC had just given approval for the use of the death penalty to punish the incorrigibly militant.   


PBS: Another Television Program With a Geo-Political Surprise - Revisiting the Diplomatically Coercive Rumsfeld-Sorkin Guillotine Analogy 

© 2008 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


The Canadian lawyer was transported back in time on three different levels during the evening of January 10, 2008 when he saw a PBS ‘Nova’ program that contained Triple “E” content.  




His time traveling mind was also taken back to two distinct times and two different geo-political venues as a result of this January 10th Triple “E” embed.  One was October 26, 2006, when former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld employed the French Revolution’s choice of aristocrat execution device: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: History is About to Repeat Itself in the Last Democratic Fiefdom.  The other was February 19, 2007, when Aaron Sorkin, and quite blatantly, scripted a guillotine as a prop during the episode of ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ and choreographed actors to behead a toy: Uber-Genius Aaron Sorkin: Scripting the Guillotine Symbolizes Just How Widespread the Eco-Political Purge and How Unforgivingly Serious Accountability is Going to Be in Canada.


During the ‘Nova’ episode entitled “Absolute Zero: The Conquest of Cold” (2008), Pt. 1, a University of Cambridge professor was interviewed and scripted to execute a two-in-a-row protracted Soledad Maneuver when describing how an 18th century scientist – an aristocrat during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror – was beheaded.  What likely was the genesis for this genius is the fact that the name of the executed member of the French Court was…Rumford!



Miggery is caught “borrowing” the Princess’ crown by the Head Maid.  Her sentence: serving food to the Dungeon Master:


D-Master:        Slop! [O-S M.] No, [George W. M.] don’t stop.  I said “slop”!  

[tosses food placed on the table] 

Miggery:           I serve the Princess. 


D-Master:        I had my own little princess once; and now [Cl.M.] I don’t.   


This is a demand to halt all malfeasance and then an instance of the isolation-deprivation theme, concerning what originally is perceived to involve a wife; but later to his child he had to give up.  


Roscuro the Rat, who is genuinely remorseful for his conduct that led to the Queen dieing and the Kingdom falling into its gloomy state seeks to follow Despereaux’s example and presents himself to the Princess looking for forgiveness. 




She immediately recognizes him and freaks out, calling for the guards to come save her.  He escapes being killed by her protectors and as a result of being rejected his heart hardens.    


When your heart breaks it can grow crooked.  It grows back twisted, gnarled and hard.  Even as Roscuro changed he had longing.  But now he just longed for someone whose heart was as hardened as his was [Cl-Newman M.]  



The Custodian Chief’s heart has hardened.  He has always maintained he will never forgive his enslavers, experimenters, torturers and deprivers and expect his coalition partners will ensure they suffer as he did.  Some might have the disposition to pardon, but he’s felt too much enthusiastically inflicted pain for too long; including many times being down and hurting and observing them ratchet- up the torturous malfeasance.  And when his coalition partners offered emancipation and damages, their behavior got even more nefarious.  Those types don’t ever deserve leniency.  And this passage confirms his clients and partners agree. 


Roscuro hatches a plan.  He recruits Miggery in a diabolical plan.  They conspire to kidnap the Princess and detain her in a dungeon cell.  


It’s at this stage of the fairy tale that the author introduces audience members to the link between Miggery and the Dungeon Master.  They’re shown a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck now and when she was a baby; being abandoned by him to the farmer when she was an infant.  


Despereaux discovers the incarceration and seeks to alert the King.  She gives him her necklace to prove to him his claim is accurate.  His attempt fails and decides to risk seeing his father; showing up at home unannounced.  His father is shocked, thinking he’s seeing a ghost since no mouse banished to Ratworld has ever escaped. The colors of China prison certainty are embedded in the scene – used to generate coercive diplomacy in the lethal consequences category.  The door dad stands in front of a red door with vertical gold stripes:


Despereaux:   Dad! Dad, listen.  You’ve got to help me.  

[dad stutters] 

Father:             B-b-b-but you’re dead.  

Despereaux:   No, I’m not.  I’m not dead.  Listen: the Princess is in danger. She’s locked in the dungeon.  

Father:             By golly you’re d-d-dead. 

[He faints – exposing all of the China prison certainty doors]  


The mouse incapable of rallying support chooses to ring the town bell.  Producers combine that with a dreaming chef, who awakes in his dream to life in the Kingdom as it used to be.   When he rises to consciousness he decides to violate the King’s edict.  He exclaims with an Olmert-Spielberg Maneuver “Enough!!!”.  This refers to the lexiconically significant phraseology originally introduced mid-autumn 2006: David Letterman et al.  “Enough is Enough” (October 9, ‘06); CBS and NBC “Enough is Enough” (January 11, ‘07).  It is stated in the latter: 


There was no mistaking the coalition-identifying triple use of the phrase “enough is enough” by Katie Couric, Byron Pitts (CBS) and Brian Williams (NBC); constituting a powerful tag-team between two national media conglomerates.  The phrase first entered the Triple “E” lexicon on October 9, 2006 when coalition partners had had enough of the torture, intimidation and harassment being experienced by the Canadian lawyer.



As he prepares the first pot of soup since the edict, the aroma gets the attention of those in the immediately surrounding area.  First to be seen as elevated by the scent are a master and the three spotted dog.  


The aroma wafts to the sky and producers insert the Olmert-Spielberg Maneuvering cloud formation made famous by the coalition’s world renowned oil multi-billionaire partner: When T. Boone Pickens Talks, People Listen.  In a television commercial he produced, a cloud clip was chosen for its distinct similarity to the gesture and timed to a description of the size of the Custodian Chief’s damages being arranged by the coalition:


It’ll be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.


It was observing this scene that made all the green in the film, most particularly wardrobe, corroborative of this geo-theme.  


The chef preparing the soup leads to the appearance of the most inventive character in the movie; a French man whose whole body is a compilation of vegetables.   They celebrate the culinary creation after embracing each other, having been apart for so long because of the Royal ban on cooking the nation’s favorite dish:


Veg-Man:         [O-S M.] If you want to make a statement, what do I say? [O-S M.] Make it a good one.   

Chef:               It’s so great to see you.  [Newman M.; O-S M.]   


After Despereaux is turned down by the King and his father he seeks the assistance of the chef. 



When the cook dismisses his rants there’s a double clap of thunder.  What follows his assessment that “the Princess if perfectly safe” is being choreographed to move to the chain link fence window.  Translation: if Canadian political and corporate leaders and their Chinada co-conspirators think they’re not in jeopardy of being imprisoned for life or lengthy periods, they are seriously mistaken. 


Vegetable Man agrees to assist; wardrobing himself in amour and escorting the brave mouse to the rat’s lair. 




The citizens of Ratworld prepare the Princess for dinner.  She’s tied up like Gulliver and rolled into the coliseum.   Since Roscuro is the mastermind of her capture he’s given the ‘honor’ of ringing the dinner bell by the Rat Overlord. 




He pauses to reflect on what he’s done: 


Okay, remember when we said that grief is the strongest thing we could feel?  [CNBC M.] Well it isn’t.  It’s forgiveness. Because a single act of forgiveness can change everything.  


The treasonous rat drops the bill ringer and commences to assist Despereaux to rescue the princess.   Concomitant with this battle the clouds that have hung over the Kingdom of Dor since the edict clear and sunshine bursts into the caverns of Ratworld; causing the thousands of vermin to seek the darkness wherever possible.  


When the rescue is achieved there’s an overabundance of the color of quantum: the Princess, Despereaux, Roscuro, the King and Miggery.  A total of five characters.  


The voiceover traces the chain of hurting by one character to the next:  the King’s edict hurt the rats because one of its provisions drove them underground; the rat hurt the princess for causing her mother’s death; and the Princess hurt Miggery because she was arrogantly aloof.  


The farmer’s daughter is observed back on the farm; timed to this last geo-politicized remark:


And that servant girl had been hurting for so long, almost [Branson M.] nothing could make her feel better.  But was it a mistake, or just good luck?


In other words, the Custodian Chief had been in such pain – experiencing what he labels experiential nihilism – for so long, some two decades, that being approached by the coalition in the spring of 2003 cognitively and emotionally emancipated him from the hellhole Chinada malfeasant created and gave him a strength that has to this day sustained him.  Their presence in his life on a daily basis created a constant breath of fresh air – one consisting of democracy, rule of law and human rights, plus justice for his enslaving and torturing experimenters. 


To corroborate the geo-motivation for the movie, producers added Bonus Features that made the point about what he’d become north of the 49th Parallel that shocked the civilized world.   The very first feature is called “Sneak Peak of Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey”.  The first value add would typically be the ‘behind the scenes’ production.  But producers decided to undertake the publicly unconventional in furtherance of the geo-political, high profiling his lab monkey status: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  


The ‘behind the scenes’ feature was full of the lexicon.  The author of the original work indicated that her eight-year-old son suggested she write the book.  Producers added a clip of Despereaux executing a double-handed Becky Maneuver and Kernan Maneuver to “…about an unlikely hero with exceptionally large ears”  to service the Custodian Chief’s international persona.  


The principal responsible for the screenplay, Gary Ross, stated during his interview:  


[Despereaux’s] so small, but he doesn’t care.  The world is bigger than he is.  But he’s willing to engage it and fight for what he thinks is right and not care what the odds or obstacles are.  It’s such an indomitable spirit that I think that is one of the things that made the book so successful.    



During the second portion of his interview he’s observed sitting in front of two slates – both contain Canadian prison certainty.  On his right the numbers are 22 AJ 1 – the digits add up to a compensation ratifier.  On his left the numbers 44 are visible – a China identifier.  The purpose was to link China’s liability exposure to damages.  It comes right after the clip of the dialogue between the imprisoned princess and her rescuer:  


Princess:         It’s you.   

Despereaux:   I will deliver you from this evil, Ma’am. 


Sam Tell, a co-director executes a Clash of Civilizations Maneuver to “Despereaux is our hero” – more to service the international persona. 


One of the actors states “It’s a very exciting cast; I’m really glad to be part of it” – which is timed to a clip of Vegetable Man executing an Olmert-Spielberg Maneuver – a way for the film’s principals to acknowledged how much they appreciated being a coalition contributor.  


Another actor is sitting in front of a digital timer: 045302. Digits add up to 14 – a compensation ratifier. 


To Sam’s remarks are these lexiconic usages:


Get the actors in the room [Gary: B-J M] and they bounce off each other […] Spontaneity is [Gary: dbl-h Pacino M.] is really, really important.   


Co-director Rob Stevenhagen said in his interview “A lot of inspiration came from medieval [Branson M.] Dutch, Flemish painting”.  The gesture was in the edited-in clip of Miggery at the end of the film; the purpose being to high profile what The Last Democratic Fiefdom articulates as a fundamental theme about the true nature of Canadian governance and to remind the East-West Corridor of Diplomacy audience all the film’s principals were helping to bring relief to the beleaguered Canadian. 



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